Global Health Academy

Support for doctoral students and post-docs

The Global Health Academy is a GLOHRA initiative which aims to support the next generation of global health researchers in Germany. The Academy is specifically committed to supporting early career researchers, namely doctoral students and post-docs. The Academy actively aims to include individuals from a broad spectrum of disciplines who have demonstrated an interest in global health research, but who could use assistance in gaining competencies and networking opportunities to assist their career progression.

We host trainings and events, including the Academy Series – a monthly event where research is presented by interdisciplinary guest speakers and discussed in-depth – in a pursuit to increase the number and accessibility of sustainable, high-quality and high-relevance global health research training offerings in Germany.

The Steering Committee leads the Global Health Academy and has assigned special responsibility to the co-speaker Prof. Dr. Walter Bruchhausen to develop its activities and host the coordinator. Further support is provided by the Academy Advisory Board, made up of Steering Committee representatives from all GLOHRA research areas.

Find global health research trainings from a broad spectrum of disciplines to advance your career in global health research!

About the GLOHRA Training Repository

Get a certificate for your attendance of interdisciplinary and cross-sector GLOHRA activities to support your development as a global health researcher!

About the GLOHRA Training Certificate

Vision of the Global Health Academy


Repository of current global health research trainings in Germany 

Activity: collection, presentation and linking of current training offers that are relevant for global health researchers
Planned output: a web-based repository of existing training offers that is searchable by research discipline, methodology, location, etc. 

Catalogue of competencies for global health research

Activity: mapping and analysis of skills necessary for practicing global health research via an extensive literature review and expert-consultations
Planned output: a report that delineates different domains of “hard” and “soft” research and professional competencies in different disciplines, sectors and contexts

Innovative and complementary research trainings and events

Activity: development, organization, and implementation of formats that support competencies and networking opportunities for early career global health researchers 
Planned output: training and event offers with strong interdisciplinary and international components that are innovative, best practice transfer or scale-up, or a consolidation of existing training activities

Concept for a cross-institutional, interdisciplinary graduate center for global health research

We envision a graduate level concept in Germany with a curriculum that cuts across research areas, regions, and topics. Ultimately, this will support the next generation of researchers with the requisite competencies and perspectives to approach global health challenges.