Global Health Academy

Support for Early Career Researchers

The Global Health Academy aims to support the next generation of global health researchers in Germany.

The project funding line "Global Health Fellowships" is specifically directed at early career researchers. In addition, over the next years, we aim to increase the number and accessibility of sustainable, high-quality and high-relevance global health research training offerings in Germany and train and promote the next generation of global health researchers.

The Steering Committee leads the Global Health Academy and has assigned special responsibilities to the co-speaker Prof. Dr. Walter Bruchhausen to develop its activities.


Planned measures include

  • the collection, presentation and linking of existing training offers to strengthen global health research
  • the development of a catalogue of competencies for global health research the development of innovative and complementary research training events and formats
  • the development of a concept for a cross-institutional, interdisciplinary and international graduate school for global health research