Research Projects - Call for Proposals

Next cut-off date: 28 February 2022

Visualization of the process for research projects

GLOHRA especially intends to support projects that

  • address transnational health issues, determinants, and solutions
  • contribute to the improvement of health and health equity worldwide
  • develop and implement groundbreaking ideas, test new models of cooperation and create new links between disciplines and communities
  • are interdisciplinary and link GLOHRA members from different institutions and cities
  • link scientific excellence with the domains of capacity building, science-based policy advice, teaching, implementation and/or clinical practice
  • promote active, eye-level partnerships with national and international partners, including the Global South

The following types of projects can currently be funded:

  • Interdisciplinary pilot projects: Seed funding to validate approaches and prepare external funding applications
  • Cross-sector projects: Collaborative research projects between academic and non-academic partners
  • Global Health Fellowships: Postdoc fellowships

Detailed information about the types of projects, selection criteria and application and evaluation procedures is available in the Guidelines for Projects and our FAQs. Grants can only be awarded to institutions in Germany. Final funding decisions will be made by the German Ministry for Education and Research. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Secretariat before submitting an application.

Next cut-off date: 28 Februray 2022. Updated versions of the Guidelines for Projects and the application form will be made available in October 2021 and announced via the GLOHRA Newsletter.