Research Projects

Research in the German Alliance for Global Health Research

The German Alliance for Global Health Research has launched the first calls for proposals for research projects. GLOHRA especially intends to support

  • the development and implementation of groundbreaking ideas
  • interdisciplinarity and cross-sectorality in global health research in Germany and internationally
  •  new models of cooperation and new links between disciplines and communities

Grants can only be awarded to institutions in Germany. Final funding decisions will be made by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


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      External Global Health Funding

      The German Alliance for Global Health Research furthermore disseminates information about other funding opportunities for researchers active in global health. Here is list of relevant funders and programs:

      Research and researcher mobility




      Alexander von Humboldt - Stiftung

      different programs, according to career level

      Stays of international researchers in Germany

      Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

      Grand Challenges

      Innovations to solve key problems in health and development


      Cooperation with developing countries

      Research projects involving partners in developing countries


      TWAS-DFG Cooperation Visits

      Visits by African scientists to German research institutions
      DFGGerman-African cooperation projects in infectiology

      Research on infectious diseases and their social impact

      EU / Horizon 2020

      Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions

      Individual or institutional reseearcher mobility

      EU / Horizon 2020

      Societal Challenge 1 ( Health)

      Research and innovation actions

      EU / Member states

      European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)

      Capacity building in clinical trials through researcher mobility and collaborative studies
      National Institutes of HealthFogarty International CenterResearch and training grants

      Fritz Thyssen Stiftung

      Research, events

      history/language/culture, state/economy/society, medicine/natural sciences


      Wissen für morgen – Cooperative research in Subsahara Africa

      Workshops, symposia and summer schools in Africa, career development of African scientists


      Other programs

      Social sciences in conjunction with other disciplines

      Wellcome Trust

      Several programs

      Researcher mobility and project funding

      Teaching and capacity building




      BMZ/ Else Kröner-Fresenius Stiftung

      Hospital Partnerships

      Hospital Partnerships

      BMZ/ Engagement Global gGmbH

      ASA Hochschulkooperation

      Project internships for students over 6 months


      Summer schools in Germany

      Summer Schools abroad

      Summer schools in Germany and Abroad


      PAGEL – Partnerships for the health sector in developing countries

      Curriculum and capacity development at the partner universities through bi- or multilateral university partnerships, promotion of the return of graduates as well as support for alumni and creation of professional networks

      Else Kröner-Fresenius Stiftung

      Medical-humanitarian project funding

      Humanitarian projects in patient care and teaching



      Consortia of African higher education institutions for the mobility of graduate students and academic staff


      ERASMUS+, Strategic partnerships

      Structured cooperation to support internationalisation activities of in various educational sectors


      ERASMUS+ , Capacity building

      Reform and modernisation of higher education and higher education systems in partner countries through joint projects: Curriculum reform, modernisation of higher education administration, strengthening the link between higher education and society

      Robert Bosch Stiftung

      Several programs

      Exchange between cultures and decision-makers and for the national and international transfer of knowledge; science, health, international understanding, education, society

      Stiftung Mercator

      Several programs

      Projects on Europe, integration, climate change, cultural education, science, international understanding