Strengthening Development Cooperation Partnerships for Global Health Research

Starting in 2022, measures to strengthen cooperation with partners in low and middle income countries have been funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ). 

Measure 1: GLOHRA PATH 
The GLOHRA Partnerships for Research and Training in Health (PATH) measure aims to contribute to deepening, extending and further developing long standing LMIC partnerships of GLOHRA members. The PATH projects will enable multidirectional cooperation pathways and regional nuclei that can be accessed by other GLOHRA members. Support will be provided for early career researchers and female researchers in low and middle income countries. 

Measure 2: Impact Booster for GLOHRA Projects
This measure will contribute to the translation into policy and practice of results achieved and/or knowledge gained in GLOHRA research projects. It paves the way for a long-term sustainable implementation in (and beyond) the setting where they were developed. The projects will also offer support for early career and female researchers in low and middle income countries. 

Measure 3: Supporting GLOHRA's internationalization
This measure aims to increase the visibility of international researchers and partnerships in GLOHRA and develop mechanisms for formal partnerships with organizations from abroad. It will also support the coordination of measures 1 and 2.