Taking health research global

The German Alliance for Global Health (GLOHRA) is an association of researchers from public research institutions in Germany. We are committed to tackling today’s global health challenges via interdisciplinary and collaborative global health research. With this vision in mind, we aim to:

  • Build an interdisciplinary global health research community in Germany
  • Boost the German contribution to global health research
  • Support the next generation of global health researchers in Germany
  • Enhance cross-sector research collaboration in global health

Our Structure

How we're organized

The German Alliance for Global Health Research consists of three organizing bodies: the General Assembly, Steering Committee, and Secretariat.

General Assembly
The General Assembly is made up of the members and associate members that have been accepted following our application process.

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is the key decision-making body of GLOHRA. The 19 Steering Committee members include female and male representatives from four research areas i.e., biomedical sciences, public health, social sciences and humanities, and engineering and other sciences.

The Secretariat supports the operations and coordination of GLOHRA. The team is based at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.