Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

A healthier world supported by global health research.

Our Mission

Tackle today’s global health challenges via interdisciplinary and collaborative research.

We seek to do this by building a global health research community in Germany, propelling research, supporting the next generation and enhancing cross-sector collaboration in global health research. 

Our Values

GLOHRA acts in support of health equity for all people, all over the world. This ambition motivates strategic and funding decisions. We also reflect this value in our operations, which ensure gender equity and fair representation of all disciplines that contribute to global health.

We propel research that adheres to the highest standards of quality and scientific rigor. We expect that GLOHRA-supported research and activities demonstrate exceptional value as well as interdisciplinarity when addressing health challenges. 

Confident in the power of shared knowledge, we relentlessly encourage collaboration, especially among people from different disciplines, institutions, sectors and countries. Among our members as well as collaborators in low- and middle- income countries, we expect partnerships that stand on equal footing, demonstrate joint ownership and share recognition for achievements.   

We maintain ongoing exchange in our community, prioritizing honesty, openness and clear communication.  Our leadership as well as our members are held to high standards of ethical conduct and professionalism.

Our work is grounded in our vision of improving health. We go above and beyond to foster cross-sector dialogue and translate research into policy and practice. This means considering impact from the design phase to well after the completed experiment, workshop, event, etc.

We acknowledge that healthy people need healthy social and natural ecosystems. As a research community, we call for creative ways to reduce our environmental impact and think long-term. We also ensure longevity by embracing initiatives that demonstrate genuine engagement from multiple stakeholders.