GLOHRA Training Certificate

From the Global Health Academy

The GLOHRA Training Certificate is an offer for doctoral students and postdocs from all disciplines who wish to have a certificate to prove the research skills gained via GLOHRA.

How to receive the Training Certificate
1. Register for the GLOHRA Training Certificate 
2. Identify and attend eligible GLOHRA events 
3. Collect your certificate – standard and advanced options

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The GLOHRA Training Certificate is recognized by the following doctoral programs as proof of achievement (Leistungsnachweis):

Ph.D. Program - Medical Research in Epidemiology & Public Health at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Promotion PhD - Medizinische Fakultät at Universitätsklinikum Bonn

PhD Programs of the Hannover Biomedical Research School (HBRS) at Medizinische Hochschule Hannover


FAQs for the GLOHRA Training Certificate

Can I attend one training of 30/60 hours to receive the Certificate?
No, you have to collect credits from at least 3 different GLOHRA Trainings. For example, if you attend a training of 30 hours or more, you must attend at least two additional events to receive the Standard Training Certificate.

Who is eligible to register for the Certificate? 
Doctoral students and postdocs from all disciplines.

Do I have to be a member of GLOHRA in order to register for the Certificate? 
For the Standard Training Certificate you do not have to be a GLOHRA member. In order to register for the 
Advanced Training Certificate you have to be a GLOHRA member. 

Do I have to register or apply for the trainings?
Yes, this is obligatory. You have to register or apply for the trainings. If trainings have limited seats, GLOHRA members may be prioritized. You also have to inform the Academy Coordinator if you attend the GLOHRA Academy Series and want to collect credits for your participation. 

Where do I see the number of credits that I can collect for the participation of the trainings and events? 
All eligible trainings and events for 2023 on the GLOHRA Event Calendar will indicate the number of credits that count for the GLOHRA Training Certificate.

Does my PhD Program recognize the GLOHRA Training Certificate? 
To find out if your PhD Program recognizes the GLOHRA Training Certificate, please contact the Academy Coordinator

Is it possible to switch from the Standard Training Certificate to the Advanced Training Certificate or vice versa after having already registered for one of the options?

If you are uncertain, we advise you to register for the Standard Training Certificate initially. Should you wish to accumulate more training hours through GLOHRA Trainings, you (as a GLOHRA member) can always switch to the Advanced GLOHRA Training Certificate within the three-year period.

What kinds of events are eligible for the GLOHRA Training Certificate?
Events that are eligible appear on the GLOHRA Event Calendar. In general, most events organized by GLOHRA and announced on the GLOHRA website (GLOHRA Day, Training Offers & Academy Series, Scientific Workshops) are eligible for the GLOHRA training certificate.

How many events will be eligible in a typical year? 
Although the exact number and type of events will vary from year to year, the following events can be expected in a typical year:

  • GLOHRA Academy Series | first Tuesday in a month (with short breaks in winter and summer)
  • Training Offers | 2-3 per year
  • Scientific Workshops | 2-3 per year
  • GLOHRA Day | annually
  • GLOHRA Field Trip | annually 


Dr. Esther Evang, M.Sc./M.Sc.
Academy Coordinator
c/o Universitätsklinikum Bonn