GLOHRA Journal Club with Dr. Lisa Pfadenhauer, Dr. med. Kerstin Sell and Prof. Dr. Eva Rehfuess

In this Journal Club edition of the GLOHRA Academy Series, Dr. Lisa Pfadenhauer and Dr. med. Kerstin Sell present their study protocol on integrated knowledge translation and report on first results and challenges

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Global Health Research - GLOHRA Academy Series - Journal Club 

Event Update 

Dr. Lisa Pfadenhauer and Dr. med. Kerstin Sell presented their research on knowledge translation - essentially asking: how do we integrate research findings into policy and practice? Their presentation provides a clear introduction to the research field, supplemented by their own experience and findings as part of CEBHA+, a research network involving Germany and African countries. Thanks also to Prof. Dr. Eva Rehfuess for moderating the discussion. 

Event Announcement 

Speakers: Dr. Lisa Pfadenhauer and Dr. med. Kerstin Sell, LMU (Position), Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Eva Rehfuess, Chair of Public Health and Health Services Research, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Topic: Integrated knowledge translation – effective communication of global health research for practice and policy 

The Journal Club edition of the GLOHRA Academy Series offers an insider perspective into the complete research process – from before research starts to after successful publication. During the Journal Club, an early career researcher presents his/her paper with special attention to global health research approaches and methodologies, as well as lessons learned. This format aims to improve critical thinking skills, broaden horizons and foster an academic exchange among researchers. For a more fruitful discussion, participants are encouraged to read the article, though this is not obligatory.

Dr. Pfadenhauer and Dr. Sell will present their paper on integrated knowledge translation “Mixed method evaluation of the CEBHA+ integrated knowledge translation approach: a protocol” and report on first results and challenges

The Collaboration for Evidence-Based Healthcare and Public Health in Africa (CEBHA+) focuses on healthcare and preventative research and on translating scientific evidence into policy in Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda.

The presentation will be followed by a discussion moderated by Prof. Rehfuess.

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