GLOHRA Academy project to develop a repository of training offers is underway

The project’s overarching goal is to create a vibrant online portal – a gateway into global health research training in Germany that is responsive to the needs of researchers and facilitated by the collective institutional, experiential and scientific knowledge of the GLOHRA community.

One of GLOHRA’s aims is to support the next generation of global health researchers. In order to do so, GLOHRA has tasked a team of members to develop a repository of global health training offers. The repository will enable researchers, particularly in their early- and mid-career stages, to explore and compare current training offers based on their discipline, interests and location and to find relevant information as well as plenty of inspiration for advancing their global health careers.

This project will garner perspectives from early career researchers passionate about global health up to established and senior researchers active in Germany's global health ecosystem. This cooperation will ensure clear, comprehensive and relevant outcomes through a multi-stakeholder-structure, while encouraging researchers from all career stages and diverse disciplinary backgrounds to collaborate.

A consortium of three institutions has now started their work, namely the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (HIGH), the Global Health Alliance Deutschland (GHA-D), and the Population Medicine and Health Services Research group (AG 2) in the School of Public Health at Bielefeld University. The consortium for the GLOHRA Training Repository, in collaboration with the GLOHRA Secretariat and the Global Health Academy, has officially begun work on this one-year project.

The project includes three major components:
Component A: Formative research to explore the perspectives of early-, mid- and senior-career researchers from diverse disciplines in global health regarding their career ambitions, pathways, barriers and needs. 
Component B: Systematic identification of training offers for global health researchers in Germany and mapping of relevant information about each course or program (e.g. content, requirements, fees, application process, etc.). 
Component C: Development of a web-based repository for global health research training offers. The repository will be searchable by a range of relevant tags or categories, for example, discipline and course/program type and level.