Participatory leadership in Global Health collaborations

Training offer for Global Health practitioners

Are you part of an international project and want to take your collaboration to the next level? The organizers from RKI (ZIG) and TU Berlin invite health practitioners of all roles to the "Participatory Leadership in Global Health Collaborations" training. The innovative training format addresses questions on how to build and improve trustful international partnerships as well as safe spaces for fruitful and equal conversations. An experienced coach will lead the transformative learning experience designed to enhance collaborative skills. The training consists of eight monthly sessions, held online on Fridays. There is no cost for participation.

Please register to participate in the madatory introductory session.
Registration links for regular sessions will be sent out to participants of the introductory session.

Key dates
June 2023 – January 2024; Fridays 10:00 - 13:00 CET

Introductory session (mandatory): 02.06.2023

Regular sessions:

07.07.2023    04.08.2023   08.09.2023    06.10.2023

03.11.2023    01.12.2023   12.01.2024

All sessions will take place online via Zoom.


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