Steering Committee 2022-2024 is elected by the GLOHRA General Assembly

Meet the newly elected, interdisciplinary, international and gender-balanced steering committee!

We are pleased to introduce the 2022-2024 GLOHRA Steering Committee!

The Steering Committee acts as the strategic decision making body of the German Alliance for Global Health Research (GLOHRA). It is made up of 19 women and men from all research areas, i.e. biomedical sciences, social sciences and humanities, public health, and engineering and other sciences.

Every two years, the General Assembly, made up of GLOHRA members casts their votes to elect the Steering Committee. Based on the votes of 238 members of the General Assembly, we are pleased to introduce you to the Steering Committee 2022-2024

We would like thank the previous Steering Committee for all their hard work and commitment in developing GLOHRA with us over the past two years!

We are excited to keep you informed as the newly elected Steering Committee begins work. 

Meet the Steering Committee 2022-2024