Development of a Catalogue of Competencies - Subcontract

Deadline: 30 November 2021

The Global Health Academy is a GLOHRA initiative that supports the next generation of global health researchers, specifically doctoral students and postdocs from all disciplines. The Academy aims to improve to improve the quality, accessibility and number of global health research trainings offered.

The Global Health Academy plans to award a subcontract to develop a competency catalogue for global health postgraduate researchers. The final output (e.g. report) should contain a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the needs (e.g. hard and soft skills) of early career researchers across disciplines looking to advance their career in global health research.

Available funding: 9 person months E 13; 3000 EUR travel, 3000 EUR material costs

Interested applicants are invited to contact Academy Coordinator Esther Evang regarding any questions. We look forward to your applications. 

Download the call for proposals Download the application form