Innovative Training Offers - Call for Proposals

Next call in 2024

The Global Health Academy is a GLOHRA initiative that supports the next generation of global health researchers, specifically doctoral students and postdocs from all disciplines. The Academy aims to improve the quality, accessibility and number of global health research trainings.

To support the development of the Global Health Academy, GLOHRA members can request funding to develop and conduct training offers for early career global health researchers. Training offers can be aimed at innovation, best practice transfer or scale-up, or consolidation of existing training activities in global health research. 

GLOHRA can support activity costs such as room, equipment and catering costs, travel support for national and international speakers and for participants from low and middle-income countries as well as costs for the development of related IT solutions. The maximum contribution per activity is EUR 20,000.

Interested applicants are invited to contact Academy Coordinator Esther Evang regarding any questions. We look forward to your applications.

Next call for proposals in 2024.