Annual Symposium @ World Health Summit 2020

The annual symposium provides an opportunity to present results of the platform and give members an opportunity to network. It will be integrated in the World Health Summit 2020.

Session 1: Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration in Global Health - Science Meets Implementation

The session will explore the relationships and intersections of development cooperation and academic research in global health. How can political, financial and human resources investments in humanitarian development cooperation be sensibly linked to academic research? What kind of coordination mechanisms are needed to overcome fragmentation between or even within sectors (e.g. different Ministries and Departments) and improve the coherence, efficiency and capacity for action of donor countries? What kind of programs and incentives are needed to ensure that development cooperation programs are evidence based and that academic cooperation’s have a positive impact on social and economic development in the partner countries?

Session: Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration in Global Health


Session 2 / Workshop 9: Evidence-based decision-making: what is evidence and how is it used in making decisions about COVID-19

Covid-19 has sparked a lively societal discourse about the relationship between science and policy in numerous countries affected and on a global level. The session examines the role and contributions of different research disciplines (virology, intensive care medicine, epidemiology, sociology, economy, ethics, etc.) at different stages of the pandemic as well as the different types of evidence that researchers provide and politicians and authorities base their decision on (e.g. individual publications and reviews). It furthermore sheds light on different models of research- policy relationships and mutual influence.

Session: Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Global Health